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Hi. I’m Briana.

For the past decade I’ve been using my passion for social media and digital platforms to help brands reach the people they want to talk to. Now I’m bringing that experience and expertise to help you understand the digital world, amp up your social media, and connect you to the customers and community you want to reach.

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Social Media Coaching & Training

No matter what your business, social media is a necessity. Whether it’s setting up your brick and mortar shop on Instagram, kicking off networking on LinkedIn, or getting a first-time overview (or deep dive) into the social media world


  • 1-on-1 Social Media Coaching

    • Assistance with profile set-up

    • Platform overviews

  • Seminars & Group Training Sessions

  • Training Manuals and Social Media Playbooks

Current clients include founders, high level executives, and small business owners

Click here to view my Instagram for Small Business Presentation deck from my 2018 seminar to the Biddeford Entrepreneur Group

Click here to read a case study on how United Airlines’ Social Operations Playbook helped improve the relationship between customer service reps and travelers

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Social Media Strategy

The strategy gives you a strong foundation from which you can scale and grow the marketing and your business. The output of this work is a clear roadmap for your social media channels, that will meet your personal or business objectives.


  • Audit of existing social media channels and those of your competitors

  • A digital/social channel recommendation

    • Objective and purpose for each channel

    • Paid social media target recommendation available

  • Messaging + content recommendation

    • Content pillars/categories

    • Directional messaging

    • Visual content recommendation

Case studies: Partners in Preservation “It’s Our Time”, Orexo Pharmaceuticals, Time & Tide Coffee, Nokia Pinterest Activation

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Social Media Management

As a small business owner, you don’t always have time to do it all yourself. I offer monthly support to manage the content on your social media channels.


  • Monthly Social Media Content Calendar

    • Social media content framework and copy

    • Hashtags for relevant channels

    • Image recommendations

      • Using your existing imagery, stock photography, etc.

  • Monthly report

    • Overview of social media performance

    • Recommendations of how to improve or meet performance expectations moving forward

  • Ongoing Strategic Support + Ad Hoc Meetings

    • I will provide ongoing strategic support, social or otherwise, as needed, within agreed upon scope

      • Includes any check-in phone calls or online meetings, meetings with outside vendors

  • Paid Social Media Implementation

    • Ad type recommendation, call-to-action, and copy

    • Set up, implement and optimize social media ads

Case study: Partners in Preservation “It’s Our Time”

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Research & Planning

Beyond the scope of social media, I have worked with Fortune 500 brands to glean actionable insights and create smart plans for their digital, brand, and creative strategies. I can work on my own or jump in to support and existing team or agency.


  • Research

    • Secondary Research

      • We use existing data and available online information

      • Competitive research of digital and social media channels of 3-5 competitors or like-minded brands

    • Primary Research

      • Creation and implementation of online surveys

        • Includes a survey platform recommendation

    • Interviews

      • Phone/Skype, in-person as possible/applicable

  • Strategic Plan Document

    • Insights gleaned from market research

    • A digital/social channel recommendation

    • Messaging + content recommendation

      • Based on competitive research, this includes directional messaging and visual content recommendation

  • Creative Briefs

    • A one-page document, using insights & research outcomes, to kick-off your creative team

Case Study: SunTrust Bank Integrated Digital Strategy, My Coke Rewards “Santa’s Wish List”, Time & Tide Coffee Brand Strategy



We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.

- Erik Qualman